About me

Highest Quality and Professionalism are the core of a good cast for me

Hello, i am Timo "der_metzger" M., 21, living near Darmstadt, Germany.

I was playing video games since i was a young boy, started with some MMOs on the PlayStation 2 and then shortly switched to racing Games and GTA.

After a friend came over and showed me CS:S i was fascinated.

I bought it on my own with 14 and played it a lot until my parents found out that i was playing a Ego-Shooter. In 2015 i became more interested in Aiming, tactics and strategies.

2016 my team broke up and i, somehow, started casting games from other teams. It brought me so much joy that i sticked to it and became really good.

Today many well-known teams and organisations fall back on my skills as a caster and I try to satisfy every single one.