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Hello, I’m Timo Mezger, better known as “der_metzger“, 27 years old and live near Hof (Saale).

Since I can remember I have a certain affinity for video games. Started with the Gameboy of my parents, later on the PlayStation 2 and finally with the old PC of my father.

First I played the different COOP games with my brother, later a friend finally showed me CS:S. From that point on, everything was too late: Counter Strike had cast its spell over me.

With the release of CS:GO then tried to get away from casual gaming and tried the whole thing in a team, which unfortunately did not last long. At some point, an acquaintance asked me if I would not like to broadcast their game – the rest is history

As a result, I have developed a certain passion, which I try to pass on to the viewer in every single broadcast.

Since July 2016 fully jumped on the Caster train and since then QUALITY is written large.